The AutoPen

Introducing the Autopen: Available Exclusively from Michigan ED Clinics

This easy to use, multi-dose injection pen, provides men suffering from ED and Impotence a convenient, comfortable, and discreet method of delivering their preset dose of medication.

Comfort and Control

Just like an Epipen, the automatic delivery system of our Autopen provides a quick, easy, and more stable injection.


The Autopen looks just like a pen, and fits comfortably in a shirt pocket or suit jacket so you can take it with you where ever you go.

Automatic Medication Delivery

Simply press and hold the conveniently positioned side release button to deliver the medication dose.


Your custom medication and dosage is preloaded and ready to use. 

Never lose romantic momentum again. For men suffering with erectile dysfunction, the Autopen is a game changer. Call 248-752-7482 for this revolutionary ED technology.